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Welcome to Bell's Branding, Inc.


Bell’s Branding, Inc. is an organizational design marketing, and consulting business specializing in online branding for businesses and individuals. We have committed to help our clients stay pertinent in tomorrow’s world.

Our goal is to help clients to find the right marketing tools to advertise for their products/services online while providing top-of-the-line services based on every client’s individual needs.

Erin Bell

Erin Bell

About the CEO

Erin Bell is a freelancer with experience in graphic and web design, mobile and web applications development,computer networking, and systems installation and repair, creative and technical writing, photoshop, digital photography and film editing.

Email: bellsbranding@outlook.com
Blog http://www.thebellsbuzzing.com

Potential Clients

Who should choose Bell's Branding


  • Online Sale


    If your business needs to sell products online, Bell's Branding is a great place to start. We create comprehensive sites fully equipped with the legal products of your choosing so your business can get started making a profit.

  • Social Networks


    Have an amazing idea to bring online users together? Bell's Branding will develop your forum or network equipped to handle millions of visitors. We can help bring your ideas to life.

  • Advertising


    The internet has a large community of individuals needing a service that your company can provide. We create sites to bring awareness to your business or organization so you can brand your business into something extraordinary.


  • Educate

    Teachers and educators

    Want to pass on information in a fun, creative way for your students? We develop custom web and mobile applications geared toward your student's learning and individual growth .

  • Artists

    Aspiring Artists

    Want to get your music or talent out there? You've found the right place. We create a beautiful location to showcase your talent; your brand.

  • Blogging

    Start a Blog

    Thinking of starting a blog? We develop custom blog designs fully tailored towards providing the blogger with an interactive writing experience.

Skills & Things about me

graphic designer
html & css

Our Blog

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Thursday, June 25, 2015


We are very pleased to share our new website with you. I've learned a lot during this experience and would love to share my knowledge with others. As my own journey into the business world has progressed, I’ve found myself getting increasingly interested in the technical community and other aspects of design from graphics to web design, computers, and general software development and I’m also continuously developing and trying amazing new software, so I felt it was only right to start sharing more about my technical journey and all the areas that are very important to me. Many people in my life are interested in learning some of the tips and tricks I've found out through all my years of playing with gadgets and software, so I thought it was time I share it with the world. If you wish to subscribe, visit the right side of the page and we will contact you with details of all my new posts so you never miss out on learning and growing with me! Have a lovely summer everyone and I hope you guys enjoy the buzz!


What can we do


We help companies and individuals market their business with online branding techniques and marketing strategies.

Web Design

We provide custom web and blog designs for corporations and small businesses.

Graphic Design

We create graphic designs for clients including logos, flyers, photoshop and film editing, and much more.


We provide our customers with mobile and desktop apps for their business providing customer satisfaction and awareness.


We create beautiful digital photography and still images using photoshop and a variety of different image and video editing software suited for your needs.

User Experience

We create an environment for businesses to interact with the users.

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