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This is google docs. You can access it anytime you want. If you want to add a new document, click on File and add a new document. Dont forget to click the folder button next to the name to add it to the drive so I can see it. You can add spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, all kinds of things just let me know if you need help. Im going to add a separate document for research. This is just tips to let you know how to use it.

For instance, to insert table click the table tab.

Job Description
Erin Bell
Web Developer

You can also add pictures by either uploading. Click Insert tab. Insert image or a drawing. Or you can copy and paste just like you would anything else. Its essentially just like Microsoft Word but better!
For example, we need to work on a business plan.

Another tip, you can download anything we post here to your computer by pressing File -> Download As and whatever type of file this is. You can upload a file if you need to as well by File->Open and on the far right it says upload. Print is the button under File just select print from my computer.

Everything saves automatically so no need to save. Dont add anyone into the share except me so no one steals our ideas. That’s all I have for now.
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