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Technical Description: Flashlight by Husky
Written By: Erin L. Bell

General Description

Definition: The flashlight by Husky is a handheld, portable, battery operated light source

Purpose: Useful tool to find something in an area with no light source or emergency situation

causing blackouts, or outdoor use

Overall Description: Portable, hand-sized flashlight weighing about 8 ounces with a diameter

of about 1 inch at the head of the flashlight, and about a half inch at the base of the flashlight,
basically cylindrical in shape, made almost completely of plastic

Main Sections:

Head- Casing to hold parts, lens, reflector, bulb, bulb seat
Base- Handle or case, switch, spring at bottom, copper strip, batteries
Figure 1- Line Drawing of parts.

Parts Description

The head of the flashlight consists of the lens, reflector, bulb, and bulb seat. It has a
casing to hold the parts together. When fully assembled, head is 1 inch long. The head
completes the flashlight by screwing into the body of the flashlight.


Reflector Bulb
Lens: Keeps the bulb from getting dirty or damaged.
Reflector: Directs, or focuses light into the beam.
Bulb: Provides illumination or a light source; not plastic.
Bulb Seat: Holds bulb into place and creates an electrical connection.


The body of the Flashlight is about 6 inches. It consists of a case, switch, spring, copper
strip, and batteries. The outside of the body completely made of plastic but the interior
has parts made of plastic, metal, and copper.
Case: Holds the parts of the flashlight together.
Switch: Gives user the choice to switch the power off and on
Spring: Causes tension and pushes batteries and electricity to the switch
Copper Strip: The strip electricity travels along to the spring and switch
Batteries: The battery compartment holds two AA batteries together; power source
Portable, small, cylindrical, or in the shape of a cone.
Head screws clockwise to screw into the casing.

Operating Description

How to use:
1. Place batteries in flashlight
2. Direct light source to point of desire
3. Push switch to turn on flashlight


To Replace batteries: unscrew head counterclockwise, dispose of batteries; replace head.
Lifespan of battery is short
Flashlight has limited range
Flashlight not waterproof or shock resistant


Don’t shine in eyes
Don’t let battery touch skin
Remove batteries between usage for corroded batteries

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